High Marley

Although Tobias Matthay taught most of his pupils in London, many were also received in his beautiful home, which was nestled high in the Surrey hills, just south of Haslemere. In 1907 Tobs began designing this country retreat overlooking Marley Commons, which he called "High Marley," and it soon became the focal point of his personal and professional life. Visitors were immediately captivated by its warm and innovative appointments, which bore the unmistakable imprint of their host. Every room had an ample southern exposure, and most of the windows were "wrapped" around their settings to allow for the maximum amount of light. Wherever possible, the outside walls met one another at obtuse angles so as to soften the interior shadows, and the circular dining room and Tobs's bedroom—which was directly above it—were both brilliantly illuminated by unbroken ribbons of casement windows. The house stood about 700 feet above sea level and on a clear day, visitors could see all the way to the English Channel.

Marley in winter, covered with snow. At right at ground level is the dining room, with Tobs's bedroom directly above it. Jessie's bedroom is in the center, directly above the entrance, and Denise's bedroom opens onto the balcony at left, directly above the sitting room. Tobs's study is directly above Jessie's bedroom.